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509 Dirt Pro MX Goggles - Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens  (Black & Yellow)
509 Dirt Pro MX Goggles - Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens  (Black & Yellow)
509 Dirt Pro MX Goggles - Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens  (Black & Yellow)
509 Dirt Pro MX Goggles - Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens  (Black & Yellow)

509 Dirt Pro MX Goggles - Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens (Black & Yellow)


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New 509 Dirt Pro Goggles 

Style: Neon Voltage W/ Smoke Tint Lens   

Price: $49.95 

Part #: 509-MX-PRO-15-VN 



The 509 Dirt Pro goggle is the result of over 10 years of premium goggle experience. The Dirt Pro was designed with a fusion of function & style. Durability was designed into every aspect of the Dirt Pro. From the flexible frame, to the anti-scratch coated single pane lens, this is a reliable goggle that withstands the punishing abuse of even the most extreme riding. 

Featuring a triple layer foam and a well ventilated frame, the Dirt Pro goggle provides a perfect seal and great ventilation to keep you fog free. The frame?s ventilation ports are lined with a summer specific high flow foam lining that lets hot air escape, but prevents dirt & dust from entering. 

The single pane lens features a chemically bonded anti-fog & anti-scratch coating for maximum performance. 

The 1.5 inch strap is mounted to an adjustable hinge that allows the Dirt Pro to be compatible with a 509 brand helmet. 

Goggle Technology 

509 Dirt Pro goggles were designed from the ground up to be a true dirt (MX & ATV) specific goggle. Every design element and every feature was specifically engineered for a dirt enthusiasts requirements. As you will find out, there is a huge difference between a snow goggle and a true dirt specific goggle. Often we find dirt bike and ATV riders retrofitting snow goggles to 'get by' during the summer season. No longer. With our new Dirt Pro goggles, we have finally introduced an affordable goggle specifically designed for the unique conditions of riding in dirt and mud.


Hinged Strap Mount


Unlike traditional goggles which use a fixed strap mount, our goggles are designed to work specifically with an open faced MX style helmet. The Dirt Pro straps attach to an articulating hinge system, which ensures a perfect fit with any open faced helmet by allowing the goggle to fit firmly, yet entirely comfortably against your face. These articulating hinges open up, allowing the goggle to sit further back in your helmet without pulling the sides of the goggle away from your face. This ensures a perfect seal against your face every time. Thus eliminating dust, dirt, and debris from entering inside your goggle. Hinged strap mounts provide the absolute best fit with any MX style helmet.


Tear Off Posts


Dirt Pro goggles feature a unique triple tear off post design. With two posts on the lens and a third adjustable post attached to the strap. This unique design allows you to securely attach tear off sheets to your Dirt Pro goggles and easily remove them while in motion. Tear off packs are available for $4.95


Removable Nose Guard


Dirt Pro goggles also include a removable nose guard. This rigid guard shields your nose from roost, rocks, dirt, and debris. Made of a durable rigid material, this guard can withstand even the largest debris that comes at you. Our unique removable design allows you to easily install or remove the mask in a matter of seconds. When installed it says securely fastened and WILL NOT fall off while in use. It also features a unique vented design, which allows a constant flow of air to keep you cool.


Triple Layer Foam


509 goggles have the most comfortable foam in the industry, bar none. They feature a triple layer design, which consists of three layers of moisture wicking foam. These layers have a varying density which work together in wicking moisture away from your face and preventing moisture from entering inside the goggle.


Lens Technology


509 Dirt Pro's come standard with a single pane, non-vented dirt lens that has a durable anti-scratch & anti-fog coating. They are also 100% UV blocking and shatter proof. They also features our innovative three post tear off system. Dirt Pro lenses are easily interchangeable and can be swapped with any of our dirt replacement lenses.


Silicon Strap


A triple silicon lining on the inside of the strap, keep the strap and goggle in place. No more constant adjusting. Set the strap where you want it, and it holds firmly in place all day long, ensuring your goggles are evenly held against your face.


13 Vent Ports


Dirt goggles require a unique vent system in order to keep you cool, yet dust free. We designed the Dirt Pro goggles to provide substantial venting to keep you cool while you work hard under intense conditions. The entire top frame of the goggle is made up of 7 vents, which provide a constant downstream of fresh cool air. The bottom of the goggle features 6 large exhaust ports which release any built up hot air. This 13 vent system works together, to keep a constant stream of fresh air circulating through the goggle. All vent ports are protected by a durable foam cover, which prevent and dust or dirt from entering inside the goggle.